I am a firm believer that the root of all crises, disagreements, intense conflicts, and simple problems are people and that through the creation, management, and development of relationships we can all move one foot forward.  


My name is Rosalina Jowers and I am public relations and research professional. Detail-oriented, enthusiastic, and self-starting, I am always looking for opportunities to bridge my passions for relationship building, social responsibility and intercultural research.

As a graduate student in Public and International Relations at Syracuse University, I have developed strong interests in corporate advocacy, public diplomacy, and international public relations. I have successfully crafted public relations campaigns to address institutional changes and public-private partnerships, briefs that recommend public diplomacy strategies, and research that draws cross-cultural conclusions about corporate advocacy. I have designed materials to support community outreach, successfully executed large-scale organizational events, and redesigned organizational websites and social media presences.

Whether it be through public diplomacy, corporate social responsibility, or international government relations, I strive to develop better relationships between and among groups of people utilizing the powerful tools of public relations. I hope to utilize my passion for research, writing, interpersonal and intercultural communication to help you take the first step.